Actual Rubber Info

From Cradle to the Grave

We use rubber products at home, in games, at sport, while traveling; in cars, trains, airplanes for security and comfort. Belts, hoses, tyres, seals, gaskets etc. are products of rubber. The rubber in the modern world is essential.

Sources of Rubber

Approximately 21 million tonnes of rubber was produced in the year 2005. 42% of this amount was natural rubber. Today Asia is the main natural rubber source of the world, which means around 94% of output in 2005. Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are the three largest producing countries, together accounts for around 72% of all natural rubber production.

Rubber Consumption

The use of rubber is ranging from household to industrial products. The rubber is entering the production line at the intermediate stage or coming out as final products. The largest consumers of rubber are tyres and tubes, their consumption was around 56% in 2005. Hoses, belts and dampers are the other significant users of rubber. Gloves and adhesives are also main products of rubber industry.

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