Dear Colleagues,

RubberCon 2018 will be focused on the “Structure-Composition-Property Relationship in Rubber Based Materials” topic. We are looking forward to welcoming the people from the universities, educational institutions, the related industries, R&D organizations, and testing laboratories interested on this theme in Istanbul. Istanbul is a magnificent city embraced two continents, one arm reaching out to Asia and the other to Europe. It is the cultural capital of Turkey and the inheritor of various civilizations since ancient times.The conference is also expected to bring together rubber producers, manufacturer of rubber products, researchers from rubber industry and institutions, delegates from the relevant associations to discuss the recent scientific developments and technical trends on the wide range of themes such as rubber components and materials, rubber processing, physical properties of rubber products, recycling, and innovative applications.We wish all the participants will have professional satisfaction and a pleasant time in Istanbul with the organizations.

Nurhan KAYA
Chairman, Rubber Association of Turkey